Ruth Madoff Spotted in NYC

Ruth Madoff was spotted in New York City, as a redhead.  Is the wife of Wall Street's biggest swindler trying to go unrecognized?  INSIDE EDITION has the details.

So who's the redhead? It's 69-year-old Ruth Madoff apparently trying to hide her identity by dying her hair red.

That's right, the wife of disgraced Wall Street crook, Bernie Madoff, is much tougher to spot in a crowd now that she's no longer a blonde, and it's no wonder she'd want to keep a low profile.

She was videotaped at an outdoor cafe in Manhattan.
And the thousands of people her husband swindled are not going to be happy to see the photo on the Wall Street blog, It shows Ruth about to board a jet at Newark International Airport in New Jersey and she's reportedly flying first class and is surrounded by stacks of pricey looking luggage.

The video airs Friday night exclusively on ABC's Brian Ross Investigates.

And it certainly shows that Ruth Madoff can run but she can't hide even with red hair.