Sony Email Hacking: Worst Hollywood Scandal Ever?

Things seem to be going from bad to worse for the Hollywood executives whose emails were leaked. In a new batch of released conversations, President Obama was the topic of discussion. INSIDE EDITION explains

The latest embarrassing emails hacked from Sony Pictures have surfaced and now President Obama has been caught up in the scandal.

The emails came from one of Hollywood’s most powerful producers, Scott Rudin, and Sony honcho Amy Pascal who was about to see the president at a fundraiser.  

"Should I ask him if he liked Django?" wrote Pascal, referring to 2012's Django Unchained, the Jamie Foxx movie about slavery. "12 Years," replies Rudin, referring to 12 Years a Slave. "Or The Butler. Or Think Like A Man?" asked Pascal.

Then, Rudin says, "I bet he likes Kevin Hart."

The content of the emails is being called "racially insensitive."

Now, Amy Pascal is apologizing, saying, "The content of my emails were insensitive and inappropriate but are not an accurate reflection of who I am... although this was a private communication that was stolen, I accept full responsibility for what I wrote and apologize to everyone who was offended."

Kevin Hart comes up again in another hacked Sony email. Hart is said to have asked for more money, on top of his $3 million salary, to tweet about a movie he was making for Sony.

"I’m not saying he's a whore, but he's a whore," says one exec.

Adam Sandler was blasted in yet another email: "There is a general 'blah-ness' to the films we produce...we continue to be saddled with the mundane, formulaic Adam Sandler films."

In a statement, Sony said it had an "enormously successful partnership" with Sandler and intended to be in business with him "forever."

We're hearing from producer Scott Rudin, who called Angelina Jolie a "minimally talented spoiled brat," in one of his bombshell emails.

He said, "I made a series of remarks that were meant only to be funny, but in the cold light of day, they are in fact thoughtless and insensitive and not funny at all. To anybody I’ve offended, I’m profoundly and deeply sorry, and I regret and apologize for any injury they might have caused."

Rudin also took aim at the unidentified hackers calling what they did a "criminal act."

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Today show co-host Savannah Guthrie at an event for the charity Feeding America.

She said, "It is a lesson to everybody to think about what you have in email. It is scary to think about people who can hack in and steal your privacy. So, I have a lot of sympathy for Sony and what it's employees are going through."

The cyber-attack by the so-called Guardians Of Peace remains under FBI investigation, with speculation that North Korea is behind it in retaliation for Sony’s upcoming movie, The Interview. That's the James Franco / Seth Rogen comedy about a plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

The movie's premiere is being held on Thursday night, but it'll be a low-key affair. No interviews. No camera crews, and no glitzy red carpet.