TV Anchor Breaks Down, Learning Friend Was Killed In Sydney Hostage Standoff

An Australian TV anchor broke down in tears after learning she had a connection to one of the victims of the tragic Sydney siege. INSIDE EDITION explains.

A news anchor broke down in tears on live TV when she realized she knows the woman killed during the hostage siege.

Katrina Dawson, a lawyer, lost her life inside the Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Sydney.  

TV anchor Natalie Barr was covering the police raid that ended the siege when she learned the identity of one of the victims. She said during the broadcast, “That family is suffering this morning, as the others are.”

Her co-anchor was at a loss for words as he saw her choke up.

Another hostage, fitness trainer Marcia Mikhael, was forced by the gunman to make a video spelling out his demands. Mikhael was later carried to safety.

It is reported that the wife of the madman who took the hostages and was gunned down when cops stormed in has been identified. Her face was covered with a burka, and she made a chilling confession in 2009 declaring, “I regret to say, I'm a terrorist.” Looks like they were made for each other.

Now, the world is reeling again from yet another massacre of innocents. More than 140 Pakistanis, the vast majority of them school children, were slaughtered by the Taliban.  

Grim reminders of the troubled times we live in.

The gunman in the hostage incident was given political asylum in Australia two years ago.