Too Hot To Be A Cop?

It’s assumed that attractive people have no trouble landing a job, but Amanda Holley tells INSIDE EDITION she was kicked out of a police academy because she was considered too attractive.

Is this woman too hot to be a teacher?

And is this woman too hot to be a banker?

The former banker said, "Because of my shape and figure, I drew too much attention."

And is another woman just too hot to be a cop?

Twenty-nine-year-old Amanda Holley is just the latest attractive woman to claim she was targeted for being way too pretty for the work place.

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Holley says she was actually kicked out of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Academy because of her looks.

She said, "I've always got comments like, 'Why would you want to be a cop? You're too pretty to be a cop.'"

Amanda says she tried to fit in with the other recruits.

Holley said, "They made comments about my chest all the time to make sure I wore extra sports bras when I go running because the guys are noticing it."

She says instructors made her the target of months of abuse before she was finally told to pack up and go home.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked Holley, "Is it possible you just didn't measure up?"

Holley responded, "I passed everything that everybody else passed, so how wasn't I measuring up to their standards?"

As these three women discovered, sometimes being hot can be a problem at work.

High school teacher Olivia Paxson moonlighted as a swimsuit model until a Florida school board fired her, saying she was too sexy to teach ninth grade.

"They asked me to resign immediately, and I was escorted to my car," said Paxson

New York City banker, Debrahlee Lorenzana says she was fired by Citibank in 2010 because she was causing a distraction with it's male customers.

Now, add this woman who says shes too hot to be a cop.

The Port Authority declined to comment on the lawsuit.