The Worst Dog in America?

Who would adopt the “Worst dog in America”? INSIDE EDITION caught up with the couple who was happy to take on the challenge.

Have you ever seen such a mean little dog?

Eddie the Terrible, yes, that's his name, may be the worst dog in America.

Watch Eddie in Action

He's so bad that the shelter where he lived had little hope he would ever find a home.

So, they decided to be honest. Actually, brutally honest. Here's how they advertised Eddie the Chihuahua on the Humane Society of Silicon Valley website:

"Three Reasons You DON'T Want To Adopt Eddie The Terrible
1) He Hates Kids
2) He Hates Other Dogs
3) He's Kind Of A Jerk!!!"

They did manage to find something nice to say: "He's housebroken, loyal, fun and friendly. But socially? He stinks."

Who in their right mind would adopt this tiny terror?

Carol Novello of the Humane Society of Silicon Valley told INSIDE EDITION, "What we really wanted to do was have people self-select, so people could make a decision about whether or not this was an animal that would be the right fit for them."

And it worked!

Randy and Deborah Espinoza heard about Eddie and they knew they just had to have him.

Randy told INSIDE EDITION, "It was love at first sight."

Deborah said, "He jumped right on my husband's lap and just stood there."

Now, Eddie sits calmy on Randy's lap. He went for a walk without making a fuss.

On the walk, Deborah said, "Look, he's so happy."

But could it last? Eh, not so fast.

Eddie was soon back to his old self, trying to take a bite out of our cameraman.

So, good luck with this little guy, brave, good-hearted people. You're going to need it.