Wedding Crasher For The Record Books: President Obama

The Mallue's wedding day became even more special when they got a surprise phone call from President Obama apologizing for their wedding venue mixup. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Not many newlyweds get a call from the Commander-in-Chief on their wedding day. But that's what happened to Natalie Heimel and her groom, Edward Mallue, Jr.

Natalie and Ed are both army captains who graduated West Point and served in Afghanistan. They  planned to be married on the picturesque 16th hole at a military golf course in Hawaii. One problem: the president, who is vacationing in Hawaii, was scheduled to play a round of golf at the same time.

That left the couple scrambling to find a new location, which turned out to be the same golf course  with a sweeping view of the ocean.

The president called the couple just moments after they exchanged vows and apologized for the mixup.

The president said, "Listen, congratulations on your wedding. I feel terrible. Nobody told us. Had they mentioned they were going to have a wedding on the 16th hole, we would have skipped the 16th hole. I hope the wedding went okay anyway."

"It did, thank you very much. It was a blessing in disguise," said Edward.

"We just went right above the 16th hole, so we were watching you golf," said Natalie.

"That must have been kind of painful," joked Obama.

Video of the president's call was posted on social media by the groom's sister, leading to this crack on the Today show by Willie Geist, saying, "Mr. President, you'd better get on that registry at Crate and Barrel."