Another Woman Claims to Know Mel Gibson's Dark Side

Another woman has come forward claiming to know Mel Gibson's dark side after she says they had an intimate relationship for three months last year.  Gibson denies all the allegations.  INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

More problems for Mel Gibson, as yet another woman comes forward claiming he frightened her.

Violet Kowal told Fox News' Geraldo Rivera she had an intimate relationship with Gibson for three months last year, and the 26-year-old fitness model claims she has the phone records to prove it.

"I was just so scared and afraid of him, you know," said Kowal.

Rivera asked,  "I mean, he was with Oksana for some of that period, was he not?"

"When I first met him, after hi, hello, he announced that, 'Oh you probably heard I am divorced', and after that he never spoke about Oksana.  So I thought they are not together, they just have the baby, but they are not couple anymore."

Polish-born Violet claims she experienced some of Gibson's dark side.  She says Gibson never hit her, but he did scream at her, just like he did Grigorieva.

Violet says their alleged relationship ended when the press found out about it.  She claims Gibson also called her in a rage.

Violet said, "He's calling me, screaming at me, telling me that I will suffer."

Gibson's rep denies Violet's entire account, calling it all "an absurd fabrication."