Levi Johnston's Ex Speaks Exclusively to INSIDE EDITION

Levi Johnston's ex-girlfriend talks exclusively to INSIDE EDITION about his surprise engagement to Bristol Palin.  

"I don't think I'll get an invite to the wedding," Brianna Plumb told INSIDE EDITION.

Twenty-year-old Brianna Plumb is Levi Johnston's ex-girlfriend.  The pretty brunette from outside Anchorage, Alaska works at a Nordstroms, which is where she met Levi last Christmas. He was shopping for jeans for his son Tripp and left with Brianna's phone number.

"He was really sweet and nice. He would compliment me."

Brianna says she had mixed feelings about the young man while they were dating because he had a huge ego and a problem with telling the truth.

"The first time I hung out with him, I actually just left and I was like you are so cocky.  He would say like he worked for Tyra Banks, that he was going to be a singer. He said Tim McGraw was his singing coach.  I'm not stupid, I know that's not true."

She also says Levi was heartbroken because Bristol rarely let him see baby Tripp, which Levi blamed on Sarah Palin.

"He didn't seem like he was a Sarah Palin fan at all, at all!"

Brianna has her own baby who's around Tripp's age. And she says Bristol was furious when she learned that Levi was dating another single mom.

Meanwhile, Levi was making big promises about their future as a couple.  "He would say I love you, I want to have a family with you."

He even got the Bristol tattoo on his ring finger covered up. Levi showed the tattoo to INSIDE EDITION last year.

"I said 'I'm not going to date someone who has a tattoo of his ex fiancé's on his ring finger.'"

Brianna says that after three months, she got tired of all the drama in Levi's life and called off their relationship.  The engagement announcement left Brianna shocked, because she was sure that Levi was so over Bristol.

"I don't think it's gonna last, but I hope for the best."