Has Dr. Oz Found The Secret To Weight Loss?

Dr. Oz tells INSIDE EDITION his secret diet plan that he says results in weight loss.

Dr. Oz revealed a new diet secret, called the Total 10.   

Dr. Oz told INSIDE EDITION, "The whole foundation of the plan is not to count calories. In fact you will never count a calorie on the Total 10 plan. You're going to feel like a 10, you're going to feel great. That's the only number you're going to have, though. No calorie numbers whatsoever."

First tip, eat a protein fueled diet.  

"You can get 12 ounces of protein each day on the Total 10 rapid weight loss plan. You can choose what you want. You can take poultry or fish or eggs," Dr. Oz said.

Another tip: Eat small meals throughout the day and load up on non-starchy vegetables.

Dr. Oz revealed, "They take a long time for the body to absorb so they keep you full for longer."

Probably the most important tip of all: Stop eating at 8 PM and don't start again until 8 AM the following morning.

"You lose preferentially more weight by giving your body 12 hours to relax," Dr. Oz said.

Dr. Oz says it's possible to lose an impressive nine pounds in just two weeks.  

"I would be cautious about this. This is not fat they're losing. A lot of it is water weight.  The only way to lose nine pounds of fat in two weeks is to amputate something," he explained.

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