Around The World 'Elizabeth Gallagher' Returns Home

It was the trip around the world for anyone named “Elizabeth Gallagher.” Now, she is back home after her trip with a stranger. INSIDE EDITION explains.

Welcome home, Elizabeth Gallagher! She's back from that whirlwind trip around the world with a total stranger.

She was picked all because of her name, Elizabeth Gallagher, by a handsome bachelor.  

A reporter asked her, "You had some reservations?"

Gallagher said, "Just, I think, the reservations anybody would have starting out, traveling around the world with this guy I met 3 days before we were flying out."

You'll recall Jordan Axani was meant to take the trip with his girlfriend, also named Elizabeth Gallagher, but when they broke up, he was stuck with her non-refundable ticket in her name.

So he reached out on social media asking, "Are you named Elizabeth Gallagher? Want a free plane ticket around the world?"

Eighteen Elizabeth Gallagher's responded and he picked one— a 23-year-old student from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

They took off on the three week trip just before Christmas, traveling from New York to Paris and on to Prague.

They spent Christmas in Vienna and New Years in Hong Kong. It truly was, the trip of a lifetime.

Gallagher said, "One of our favorite places was Prague. It was amazing. And Hong Kong was a happy accident. We just sort of ended up there."

Judging by the photos, they seemed to be hitting it off. So did the sparks fly?

Axani said, "No, there's no romance. That's not what this is. We developed this brother sister dynamic that's a lot of fun and that's about it."

No love connection here!  But whatever happened to the original Elizabeth Gallagher?

We found a video online of Elizabeth trying to raise funds to open her own bake shop.
She's doing just fine, even though another Elizabeth Gallagher got to go on her trip around the world.

Gallagher said, "I would do it again, yes, I would do this trip all over. I think, it was definitely an adventure and I wouldn't want to miss out on it."