Mel Gibson Malibu Mansion Up For Sale

As the controversy surrounding Mel Gibson continues to grow, INSIDE EDITION takes a look at yet another of his estates that the troubled star is trying to sell.

This magnificent estate is the love nest Mel Gibson once shared with Oksana Grigiorieva.  And rather than let her live in it, he's putting it on the market for $14 million.

The master bedroom has it's own private den.  The study has two catholic icons on a shelf.

The six-bedroom, six-bathroom hacienda-style house is in one of the most exclusive gated communities in Malibu.  It features a floodlit tennis court, a life-size chess set in the garden, and a magnificent cabana.

In the latest shocking taped rant just released today, Mel Gibson says he's determined Oksana won't live in the house again.

Gibson:  "I'm not giving you my house and you can rot.  Unless you crawl back, ___ my ____ and say you're sorry in that order."

He talks about the house elsewhere in the taped rants, referring to the pool with that now-notorious jacuzzi:

Gibson:  "I deserve to be ___ first, before the ____ jacuzzi."

And there are roses in the romantic backyard patio.

Gison said on the tapes:  "I'll put you in a _____ rose garden. You understand that?"

Selling the house may be Mel Gibson's way of putting the affair behind him.

Real estate attorney Janell Weinstein said, "Oksana has no rights to these properties.  There's no marital assets.  They weren't married.  So him selling the property is probably just him liquidating his assets so he can move on to something else."

The estate has been on sale since March, and it's part of what seems to be a fire sale of Mel Gibson's homes and other assets.

Just last month he sold his sprawling estate in Tony Greenwich, Connecticut for $16 million less than the original asking price of $40 million.

But the Malibu house is the one Gibson was most emotionally attached to.

Gibson:  "Okay, I'll burn the ____ house down!"