Vanderbilt Football Player Testifies In Court

The woman accusing football’s Jameis Winston of rape is revealing her identity in a new documentary about college rape, as Winston testifies in court that he was “drunk out of his mind.” INSIDE EDITION reports.

Former Vanderbilt University football player, Cory Batey, apologized to the co-ed who accused him of sexually assaulting her in a dorm after a night of drinking.

"I'm just sorry. I was just drunk out of my mind. This is something I would never do in my right state of mind," Batey explained.

Cory Batey, who says he doesn't remember what happened, used the alleged victim's name, but was instructed not to out of respect for her privacy.

She was in the courtroom for the dramatic testimony. She cried and bent forward, one report said she actually threw up.

Chris Conte of WTVF-TV in Nashville was in court. He told INSIDE EDITION, "She was physcially overcome with emotion to the point where they were trying to console her and find tissues for her, because all of this was just really so much for her to process."

Cory Batey was on trial along with football star Brandon Vandenburg, who was dating the alleged victim. He's accused of raping her, offering her to his teammates, and videotaping everything.

Two other players will be tried separately. All have pled not guilty.

The disturbing world of rape on college campuses has made lots of headlines these days.

The co-ed who claims college football star Jameis Winston raped her, spoke out in public for the first time, and voluntarily gave up her anonymity.

Her name is Erica Kinsman. She's 20 years old, and a pre-med junior at Florida State University. Her Facebook page shows her smiling with sorority sisters.

In a new documentary called The Hunting Ground, about sexual assault on campus, Erica claimed her whole life was turned upside down when the quarterback allegedly raped her.

She didn't appear in one just-released trailer which shows other co-eds who say they were the victims of sexual assault on campuses around the U.S.A.

"Why me?" Erica asked in the film. She added, "It doesn't really make sense."

Winston's DNA was found on her underwear, but his lawyer said their encounter was consensual, and no charges were filed against him.

In the documentary, Kinsman said she was called "a slut, a whore" and is still struggling to put the incident behind her.