Sign Language Interpreter Shoots To Stardom After Blizzard Warnings

The blizzard in the Northeast faded in New York, but another star was born out of it – the sign language interpreter. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

An overnight sensation has emerged from "Snowmageddon!"

De Blasio claimed, "We obviously missed the worst of this storm."

No, not New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, It's the extremely animated sign-language interpreter who conveyed those dire blizzard warnings that didn't pan out!

His name is Jonathan Lamberton, and Jon Stewart is raving about him! "That guy is awesome! And let me tell you something, not a bad freeze frame on the tape," Stewart exclaimed.

Lamberton who is himself deaf, told The New York Times, "I'm really not there to put on a show. I'm not part of the entertainment. I'm there to facilitate communication."

The blizzard that hammered New England dropped just six inches of snow on New York City, but the subways were shut down because the forecast was for a storm of historic proportions.

The trains are up and running again, but everybody's still in a state of shock over the fact that this was the first time in the 110 year history of the subway that the whole system was shut down because of snow!

The city's shutdown spelled inconvenience for thousands of airline passengers, including the newly crowned Miss Universe, Colombia's Paulina Vega, whose promotional tour to The Big Apple was delayed by a day.

Vega told INSIDE EDITION, "Oh my God yes, but we finally made it!"

And the late night comics are having a feast over the snow snafu.

David Letterman exclaimed, "Yesterday it was Armageddon, it was Snowzilla, it was going to be a historic blizzard; and when you get information like this you make mistakes. Listen to this, boy is my face red. Last night at the last minute before the supermarket closed, I wrestled an old lady for the last Lean Cuisine."

Jimmy Kimmel joked, "Some meteorologists today are even apologizing for making the wrong prediction, but you know what, that's why they're called weathermen. They have no idea whether or not something is going to happen!"