Celebs On The Case In Beverly Hills Missing Dog

A beloved dog vanished in Beverly Hills, leaving some celebrities asking, ‘Where’s Charlie?’ INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Charlie, an adorable Maltese, may have been dognapped in broad daylight in downtown Beverly Hills.

Now, celebrities like Lea Michele, Hillary Duff, and George Lopez, who all know Charlie, are joining the hunt for him.

One surveillance video shows Charlie walking down South Beverly Drive, a busy shopping district. In the video, a woman wearing a yellow top accompanied by a little girl followed Charlie.

Moments later, they were seen walking away, with Charlie in the woman's arms.

Some vital clues are that the woman is apparently pregnant, and the child appeared to be wearing the uniform of a nearby Catholic school.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret said, "Charlie's owner also owns this chic Beverly Hills boutique where many celebrities shop. Charlie has been a fixture outside this store for nine years. A favorite of passersby and customers. On Wednesday afternoon he walked just 50 feet away around the corner, and that's where he was snatched."

Moret spoke to Charlie's owner, "The police, celebrities, passersby, everybody seems to know him and love him."

"He's just such a special soul. He's just the sweetest dog, he's not even like a dog. I know people say that about their dogs all the time, but I've never met a dog like him," she responded.

"Please help us find Charlie!!!!" wrote Hillary Duff, "He is missing. Last seen being picked up by a pregnant woman."

And George Lopez, who played "Papi" in Beverly Hills Chihuahua, tweeted a reward poster with this plea: "No questions asked. Please, if anyone has any information, please call!"

His distraught owner is hoping someone will recognize whoever took Charlie, and yap.

Moret asked Charlie's owner, "If the person who has Charlie can hear you right now, what do you want to say to them?"

"Please, please, please just return him to us. We love him more than anything, he's like a child," she responded.