Is Lindsay Lohan Getting Celeb Treatment Behind Bars?

Is Lindsay Lohan getting preferential treatment behind bars? INSIDE EDITION looks at reports that say some rules are being broken for the Hollywood star.    

Anger and outrage at what some are calling Lindsay Lohan's preferential treatment behind bars.

The actress got a special visit from her mother Dina and sister Ali Wednesday, though jail rules state that inmates can only have personal visits on weekends.

Dmity Gorin said, "This is celebrity treatment at the L.A. Count Jail.  It is unusual, Lindsay Lohan is not being treated like everyone else, she is getting visitors any time she likes it appears."

Locked up Lindsay reportedly sobbed during her 85 minute meeting with her mom and sister.  Dina and Ali remained silent as they left the jailhouse escorted by Sheriff's deputies.

Other inmates are reportedly furious about Lindsay's special treatment and complain that she's disrupting their day to day routine.  One inmate was quoted as saying, "Every time she walks (out of her cell) they put...the whole jail on lock-down."

A spokesman for the jail said Lindsay's family was allowed in for "security reasons.  It's for the safety of everyone."

Authorities faced a similar controversy in 2007 involving that other famous inmate at Lynwood Detention Center, Paris Hilton. Her parents breezed into the jail to see their daughter, passing others who waited on line for hours to see their loved ones.  

Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holly, was also at the jail visiting Lindsay.

And look who else showed up!  Her bitterly estranged father Michael Lohan, flanked by two strapping bodyguards.

Michael told reporters, "She's ok."

Everyone's buzzing about Lindsay Lohan's full lips in her now infamous mug shot.  Did she surgically plump her pout before checking into jail?  

Dr. David Stoker, a plastic surgeon, said, "It's clear to me that she's done something to her enhance her lips.  Her upper lip appears to be more sausage-like rather than having the beautiful, natural curves that we see in her youth.  Her handlers might have advised her to handle this process with a stiff upper lip and she might have taken that literally and stiffened her upper lip."