One-Armed Weightlifter

He can lift more weight than most people, and he only has one arm. Luke Ericson shares his inspiring story with INSIDE EDITION.

This young man is doing things with one arm that most people with two arms have trouble doing!

Twenty year old Luke Ericson of Honolulu has never known another way. He was born without a left arm, but to him, that's normal.

Now, he's a champion competitor in CrossFit tournaments. In video he hoisted weights. It's tricky getting it just right!

Luke said, "The main difference is just balancing the bar, I mean the center of gravity is different using only one arm."

He also does rope climbing, push-ups, and even pull-ups!

Luke doesn't look upon his condition as a disadvantage. Quite the opposite.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "I would say having one arm is definitely a gift. It gives me the opportunity to motivate and inspire other people by doing what I feel is just normal."

"Feels great!" he exclaimed while he lifted weights.