Sports Illustrated. How Low Can They Go?!

The sexy Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover is causing a stir. INSIDE EDITION has the reason why.

It's the eye-popping Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover everyone's talking about.

Good Morning America reported, "The cover has always had a lot of bare skin, yes, but this one has a lot of people asking how low can you go?"

The photo shows 24 year old Hannah Davis pulling down her bikini. Reaction is intense.

"Pornographic" and "Disgraceful" are some of the comments on the Sports Illustrated web site. "Shame on you, lady," wrote one reader, aiming her commentary at Davis direclty.

But there are lots of supporters as well: "Remember, people, this is a swimsuit issue!"

Sports Illustrated said in a statement: "After 50 years of swimsuit what everyone knows is that one person's risque is another's sexy."

INSIDE EDITION, like most TV shows, either cover the bottom part of the photo or show a cropped version of it.

"We needed to add a ribbon to it!" Good Morning America added.

Adweek's Emma Bazilian told INSIDE EDITION,  "I think that there's a pretty fine line when it comes to risque covers. But if this magazine proves to sell well on the news stand that's just going to tell them that they should just keep doing this.

The magazine also features a model named Robyn Lawley, who's a size 12.  Many believe think it's pushing it to call her plus size. The average american woman is a size 14.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue will be on sale February 9th.