Nearly Cut In Half! Parachute Jump Narrowly Misses Airplane

Tandem skydivers were nearly killed when the very plane they jumped from made a turn that nearly hit them.

It began as a tandem skydiving adventure, but within seconds they came close to a horrible death.

Moments after leaping from a plane, the instructor realized the same plane was making a turn and coming at them on a collision course.

There was nothing they could do as the plane's propeller passed within a few feet away.

And, the wing actually caught one of the parachute lines.

The near-miss sent the pair into a crazy spiral, but the instructor, Forest Pullman, regained control and pulled the rip cord.

You can tell by the gesture he made just how close to disaster they had come.

Pullman, from Boise, Idaho, posted the video of the close-call online, saying, "Our bodies just missing the prop wing and tail, we almost got cut in half."

It happened at a skydiving school in Thailand popular with tourists, but it may be a while before his passenger goes skydiving again.

The passenger yelled, "I'm not sure I like this anymore!"

Pullman replied, "We're good to go, baby!"

Moments later they landed safely, and there was a big hug to celebrate surviving what could have been a disaster.