Piers Morgan Defends Brian Williams

Following the recent drama surrounding embattled NBC anchor Brian Williams, some of TV news' biggest names are coming to his defense. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Some of TV’s biggest names are coming to the defense of embattled NBC anchor Brian Williams.

Bill O'Reilly made his opinion clear last night on Jimmy Kimmel. 

He said, "If anybody is enjoying the destruction of this man, you have got to look at yourself here. A lot of people seem to be real happy that his career is going down the drain, that disturbs me."

Jimmy Kimmel told O'Reilly, "I think it is interesting that you have compassion for him."

O'Reilly replied, "Look, every public person in this country is a target."

Jon Stewart also talked about the scandal for the first time. He actually saved his most scathing comments for all the critics going after Williams.

Stewart cut to a local FOX news package where the reporter said, "What started out as one puppy rescued from a fire apparently turned into two puppies rescued from a fire."

Stewart cut back to him in his news chair and said, "One puppy or two! Don't you [expletive] lie to me!"

INSIDE EDITION also caught up with former CNN host Piers Morgan, now Editor-at-Large at DailyMail.com.  

He told INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret, "I think it would be a good thing for America and modern society if a man like him he's a descent bloke, it would be good if he got a second chance to actually make amends for this."

Morgan told us he just exchanged emails with Williams, who has taken a temporary leave from NBC Nightly News.

Morgan said, "He said something to me that made me believe him, when he said it wasn't a willful act on his part to pump himself up. In other words, it was kind of accidental."

INSIDE EDITION's Deborah Norville was asked about the uproar during an appearance on HuffPost Live on Tuesday.

Norville said, "He apparently did make up things about his own experiences. But we have absolutely no indication that anything he ever reported on the news was made up, and I think that is a very important distinction. Will that distinction be important enough that it can save his job as the anchor guy? I think the answer to that is probably not."

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