Who's Jumping For Joy Over Blizzard

The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore was more excited about an eruption of thundersnow than just about anything else in life. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Why would anyone jump for joy in a blizzard?

The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore goes bananas on live TV as a rare eruption of thundersnow hit Boston! And it wasn't just once.

Cantore couldn't believe thunder and lightning struck six times! Most of us would be terrified, but this is what he lives for.

His biggest fan was one little baby watching at home who couldn't get enough of Cantore's reaction.

Meanwhile, the streets of Boston were covered after the snowiest month on record.

Released footage was shot by a radio DJ who made it out on the street and couldn't believe what he was seeing, saying, "Can you see the cars? No, because they're covered in snow."

One New Hampshire family actually braved the brutal cold by doing cannonballs into the snow!

But nobody could possibly love it as much as Cantore.