Shocking Bison Attack Caught on Tape

A woman and her brother-in-law were video taping a bison roaming free in the mountains, when suddenly the animal charged at them.  INSIDE EDITION has the story. 

A spectacular vacation photo op turned to terror.  A tourist at Yellowstone National Park was shooting some up-close video of a bison when suddenly the animal charged.

The woman with the camera tried to get away, but the bison was too fast.  She was gored.

"I've never been in that much pain in my entire life."

Teacher Cathy Hayes was overcome with emotion at her home in Utah as she relived her brush with death, an encounter that left her on crutches and with terrible injuries to her legs.

Cathy's brother-in-law wandered over to get a closer look, and Cathy got closer too.  But then someone, Cathy says it wasn't anybody in her group, apparently threw a stick at the animal and he reacted.

"He was mad," Hayes said.

Then came the charge.  With the camera still rolling, Cathy fled.  She tried to hide behind some trees, but it was no use.

"He flipped me end over end in the air and I could hear him just above me snorting and stomping the ground, I was really just waiting because at that moment I thought 'this is how my life is going to end.' I was waiting for him to stomp on my head, I truly was."

Luckily, a blaring car horn scared the animal off.

Cathy is now nursing a horribly swollen knee and vivid cuts and bruises.  The clothes she was wearing are ripped from the attack.  And check out her brother-in-law's injuries.  He broke his shoulder when he fell trying to get away from the bison.

Cathy has a tip for anyone who comes across a majestic creature like this one.

"Show respect for the animals.  Don't get too close."