Mom Convicted Of Poisoning Son With Salt, 'Seemed To Relish Attention"

Mommy blogger Lacey Spears is convicted of murdering her son with salt as authorities claim she concocted some of her son's health issues.

The verdict is in. The mommy blogger accused of poisoning her own five-year-old son with salt is guilty!

Lacey Spears turned her head as the jury foreman read the verdict: Guilty of second-degree murder.

The 27-year-old single mom wrote a widely-read blog in which she detailed the struggle in dealing with her son Garnett's health issues.

But, authorities say she caused at least some of the boy's illnesses.

HLN's Nancy Grace told INSIDE EDITION, "She was soaking it up like a sponge. All of the questions, all of the sympathy, the empathy, the responses, the adulation for her being such a good and loyal mom, never leaving his side. She didn't leave his side not out of love - she stayed by his side to continue to poison her baby. "

Last January, when Garnett was hospitalized, Spears actually poured salt into his feeding tube.

Doreen Lloyd, Assistant DA, said in court, "Not just a pinch of salt, a massive and deadly amount of salt with only one purpose - to poison her son."

Nancy Grace said, "She describes how he's raised up off his hospital bed in pain. Clutching his head, screaming in pain 'Mommy help me,' and you know what mommy did? She put more salt in his feeding bag."

Little Garnett died from brain swelling caused by elevated sodium levels.

In closing arguments, Spears' attorney described her as a caring mom.

He said, "They sleep in the bed together, she tucks him in, she snuggles with him, when he's getting ill she brings her face close to his and rubs his cheek."

But, the jury didn't buy it.

Grace added, "The possibilities are 15-to-life behind bars. Life is not enough for this woman."