21-Year-old Female Employee Fights off Armed Robber Twice Her Size

See the shocking surveillance footage of a young woman fighting off an armed robber!

Zara Adil is one fearless woman!

Twenty-one-year-old, Adil is a store clerk at her parent’s shop, Discount Tobbaco Zone in Lexington, Kentucky. Surveillance footage shows a hooded man walking into the store and opening the register, beginning to steal cash. The second robber dropped the gun on the counter and Adil went for it.

When she grabbed his gun a scuffle ensued, the robbed pushed her up against liquor bottles when she pulled the trigger and shot the robber in the shoulder. The man continues his attempt at taking cash from the register but Adil did everything she could to protect the family business.

She continued fighting him as he’s attempting to escape with the cash register and even though he got away, he didn’t get the business’s money! Adil only suffered a few minor injuries during the incident.