Chelsea Clinton's Wedding Preparations in Full Speed

Preparations for Chelsea Clinton's wedding are in full speed as the bride-to-be is spotted going into the Vera Wang showroom, and gifts are being taken into Chelsea's Manhattan apartment.  INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Here comes the bride!  Chelsea Clinton was spotted hiding under a giant, floppy straw hat on her way into Vera Wang's bridal salon on Manhattan's Madison Avenue.

Women's Wear Daily ended months of speculation about Chelsea's choice of designer for the wedding of the decade on Saturday.  Their reporter was standing in front of Vera Wang when Chelsea strode right in wearing the floppy hat, for what's believed to be her final fitting.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had entered 15 minutes earlier.

James Fallon of WWD said,  "We believe that Vera Wang is designing Chelsea Clinton's wedding dress, plus the bridesmaid dresses plus flower girls' dresses."

Vera Wang has recently designed wedding gowns for Ivanka Trump, Mariah Carey and Khloe Kardashian, among countless other big names.  Hillary and Chelsea have also been spotted at Oscar de la Renta's showroom.

Fallon said, "Oscar de la Renta is a very good friend of the Clinton's.  He's dressed Hillary Clinton for quite a long time.  We believe he's doing Hillary's outfit for the wedding, but he also could be designing an outfit for Chelsea since it is a three-day affair."

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander reports from outside Chelsea's apartment in Manhattan where there's been a flurry of activity now that the wedding is just three days away.

Hillary visited yesterday.  The Secretary of State's longtime personal aide carried wedding gifts, including what every bride hopes to see—a Tiffany's box, and a garment bag, which apparently held one of Chelsea's dresses for her big wedding weekend.