Potholes From Hell Pose Serious Danger Across The Country

These tips on navigating dangerous potholes could save you money, time and injury.

This brutal winter is causing an epidemic of potholes like we've never seen before.

INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian said, "As we know, damage to your car just adds up. It is always way more than you expect it to be."

When the snow melts all over the country, the streets are left looking like mine fields and filled with potholes that can be very deep and that can cause serious damage to your car.

At Al's Hubcaps and Wheel Repair in New York, pothole victims are lining up out the door.

A pothole victim told INSIDE EDITION, "It was a rainy, nasty night and boom! the biggest pothole I have ever hit in my life."

So, how can you successfully navigate these roads?  It's like driving through a mine field.

Triple A's Robert Sinclair told INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian, "The most important thing is to not tailgate. Don't be too close to the vehicle in front of you because you can't see the pothole from underneath the vehicle and it won't give you any time to react. When you do see one, if you are going to hit it, hit it at low speed."

The pothole victim vented her frustration further saying, "The potholes from this winter have just been ridiculous."