The Infamous Botox Bandit

INSIDE EDITION reports on a woman who has reportedly received multiple plastic surgery procedures from doctors, and left their offices without paying.

A gorgeous brunette walked into a doctor's office like she owned the place, telling the patient coordinator exactly what she wanted.

Dawn Rapano, the patient coordinator, recalled the woman saying,  "I want botox, I want fillers, I want Juvederm in my lips, I don't want to have any lines."

So who is the woman who wanted all this work done? She's Maria Elizabeth Chrysson, also known as the Botox Bandit.

She's a stunning 29-year-old woman who cops say has been ripping off doctors across South Florida, stealing thousands of dollars worth of beauty treatments.  And the so-called Botox Bandit was about to strike again.

The doctor gave her more than three thousand dollars worth of botox, and handed her the bill.

"She handed him the purse and said, 'Here you go, just hold onto my purse, I'm going to run right next door, I'm going to grab it and I'll be right back,'" Rapano recalled.

They weren't all that worried, the cash machine was just steps from their front door. But the Botox Bandit took off leaving them literally holding the bag, her bag.  And you won't believe what was inside.

"I started digging in the purse and I actually found two receipts, with different names on them, from a practice down in Miami."

Another doctor in Miami says the Botox Bandit did the same thing to him just six months ago.

Now doctors are circulating the Botox Bandit's picture. They say she's likely to strike again!

"She's definitely going to be doing this again.  Absolutely, it lasts about six months, she came to us, another six months she's going to be going to someone else."