Latvian-Born U.S. Citizen Accused of Trying to Smuggle Weapons-Grade Night Vision Scopes to Russia

Authorities say Latvian-born U.S. citizen Anna Fermanova was caught trying to smuggle weapons-grade night vision scopes from the U.S. to Russia. She has denied any wrongdoing. INSIDE EDITION has more.

She's a stunning beauty with a Bond girl figure and she's caught in high-stakes international intrigue.

Prosecutors say 24-year-old Anna Fermanova tried to smuggle three high-tech weapons-grade night vision sights, items on the United States Munitions List, concealed inside a pair of UGG boots.

Court papers obtained by INSIDE EDITION allege she intentionally attempted to export defense articles to Russia.

Her arrest came just days after sultry Russian agent Anna Chapman and nine others were sent back to Russia as part of a spy swap.  

But Fermanova's attorney, Scott Palmer, says she knows more about Victoria's Secret than military secrets.  

"Your client has been caught up in what people are characterizing as a Russian spy ring. How do you see this?" INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asks.

Palmer says, "She is not a spy. She is far from a spy; she is an attractive, smart 24-year-old who is literally in school as we speak."

Anna is a Latvian-born beautician with expensive tastes, including Dolce & Gabbana accessories, champagne, and roses.

She's a U.S. citizen but spends most of the year in Moscow with her husband.

The scopes were purchased on the internet, a Raptor Night Vision Weapons Sight Model M644-4X for $7,000 and two Advanced Rifle Sights Model D-740-3A for $4,000 each. Fermanova claims they were going to be sold to bear hunters.

"What was your client doing trying to take these night vision scopes into Russia?" Boyd asks.

"They were likely going to be resold to other Russian hunters. That's what I've been getting and there's no reason to disbelieve her," Palmer says.

Now Fermanova claims all she wants to do is clear her name.