Julie Andrews Shares Surprising 'Sound of Music' Secrets

On-set crushes, helicopter problems, and a near drowning?

Taking a spin on the mountaintop where Julie Andrews shot the iconic opening scene would be a dream come true for any Sound of Music superfan.

Diane Sawyer is back to host an ABC special celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the classic film called The Untold Story of the Sound of Music.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked Sawyer in an interview, "Did you burst into song?"

She replied, "Well, I burst into bad twirling is what I did."

Megan Alexander said, "One of my all-time favorites, if not the top movie of all time."

Diane Sawyer replied, "Same thing, I can do virtually every song."

Sawyer had crystal clear skies on her day in the mountains, and a drone captured the shot.

Fifty years ago, the weather was terrible and Julie Andrews had to wait for rain to clear. The clouds could be seen in the background, and the helicopter used to shoot the breathtaking vista kept throwing mud into the star!

Julie Andrews is now 79 and accompanied Sawyer on her incredible journey to Austria, where the movie was filmed.

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Sawyer said, "Her favorite location, she said, it was the backyard of Von Trapp home in the movie with the river."

The Sound of Music goes live!

Andrews was given special instructions as they filmed the young actors who played the Von Trapp children falling into the river because the actress who played little Gretl, Kym Karath, couldn't swim!

Andrews explained, "He came up to me and said 'Can I just tell you something?' The little one doesn't swim. So could you just fall forward from the boat and get her as quickly as possible?' And I said yes, but, of course, I fell backwards."

The terror could be seen on the five-year-old's face when she was pulled from the water!

Fans remain so devoted that they travel to Austria to recreate their favorite scenes! Even this TV legend got in on the fun.

Sawyer told Megan Alexander, "This was living a dream, this wasn't work."