Anthony Scaramucci Says Trump is ‘Probably Spooked’ About Getting COVID19 As Some White House Staff Infected

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As concern inside the White House grows amid fears of a growing coronavirus outbreak, it is being reported that all West Wing staff have to wear masks at all times in the building when not at their own desks.

President Trump’s former communications director Anthony Scaramucci is weighing in on the panic inside the White House after some members close to the president and vice president have come down with the illness.

“He has got people inside the White House panicked,” Scarammuci said. “He is probably spooked about getting the virus. I’ve known him a very long period time, he is a total germaphobe and the idea that there are people around him with COVID19 I am sure that is wearing on him.”

The head of the National Guard has tested positive for coronavirus Saturday afternoon and was forced to skip a gathering with Trump in the cabinet room as he had a meeting with military brass. He was given another test later that day and tested negative.

The president is still not wearing a mask, despite people he has met with and those around him getting the illness.

“He has told friends of mine he doesn't want to be caught in the mask because it'll be used as a negative campaign ad against him,” Scaramucci claims.

Senior officials are reportedly worried the disease is "spreading rapidly through the West Wing… a warren of cramped offices.”

Kevin Hassett, a senior economic advisor admitted on “Face the Nation” Sunday that he is scared.

“It is scary to go to work,” he said. “I’d be a lot safer if I stayed at home than if I went to the West Wing.”

So far, the president’s valet, Vice President Michael Pence’s press secretary, Ivanka’s personal assistant and reportedly 11 Secret Service agents have come down with COVID19 in the last week.


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