As President Trump Stirs Tensions, Melania Emerges as 'Edge-Smoother in Chief'

Their expressions couldn't be more opposite as the topic of John McCain's death came up.

Will Melania Trump attend John McCain’s funeral after her husband was not invited?

McCain’s services would be the third key event in which President Trump's name failed to appear on a guest list. The others are Barbara Bush’s funeral and the royal wedding. 

McCain will be eulogized by President George W. Bush, who bested him to win the Republican nomination 2000, and President Obama, to whom McCain lost the 2008 presidential election. 

The first lady attended Barbara Bush’s funeral earlier this year, when she was warmly greeted by Obama. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle excluded all foreign leaders from their wedding guest list just to avoid having to invite President Trump, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Melania could attend McCain's funeral to help smooth relations between the Trump family and other diplomats. She has been dubbed the "edge-smoother in chief" by The Washington Post

As the president sat stone-faced while hammered with questions about McCain's death Monday, the first lady gave a warm smile.

Melania is also receiving support from Stormy Daniels, who told the Daily Mirror that "people should stop speaking for her."

Daniels added: "Maybe she's happy! The entire world would be interested to know what she feels. But if we never know, that is her right and I support it."