Astonishing DNA Technology Creates Human Images to Help Identify Crime Suspects

The test is all done by a simple mouth swab.

Identifying the perpetrator of a crime may have become much easier, thanks to a new DNA technology.

The technology, developed by Parabon NanoLabs, which has assisted police departments in 37 states, can produce an image of a person based on a simple mouth swab.

Chief scientist Ellen Greytak says that from the swab, their imagery can display information like eye color, skin color, hair color and the shape of their face.

"We can predict that just from the DNA and tell the investigators here's who you should and most importantly should not be looking for," Greytak told Inside Edition.

The technology was demonstrated by workers at the facility. When viewing side-by-side images of their actual faces and their faces based on the DNA sample, they appeared to be extremely alike.  

Inside Edition’s Alison Hall wanted to see for herself, providing the company with her mouth swab sample by rubbing a cotton swab along the inside of her mouth. The company was unaware it was her DNA they would be testing.

As a result, an image comparable to Hall appeared, displaying many of her personal characteristics.

"Even the forehead..." Hall said.

The results also showed her correct skin color, which is fair to very fair, her eye color, which is green/blue, and her hair color which is brown to blonde.

The test also listed her ancestry as northern European.

"My ancestors are from England and Ireland," Hall said.

Greytak noted that the composites developed will resemble the person, but it might not always be an exact likeness, since lifestyle can affect one's looks.

But in Hall's case, the similarities were exceptional.

“If we were putting together a suspect list... you'd certainly be on there,” Greytak told Hall.

Additional reporting by Alison Hall.