At Least 3 Dead, More Than 30 Injured as Suicide Bombers Target Ugandan Capital

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This is the latest attack on the Uganda capitol following a string of incidents over the last month.

Suicide bombers attacked the Ugandan capitol of Kampala Tuesday, killing at least three and injuring more than 30, BBC reported. Officials say the number of those dead is likely to rise.

Three bombers on motorbikes drove near parliament and police headquarters and detonated their explosives, causing panic and terror on the streets, BBC reported.

“So far 33 are injured and five are critically injured,” police spokesman Fred Enanga said in a press conference on Tuesday.

The explosions happened within minutes of each other around 10 a.m., CNN reported.

Officials blamed the attacks on the armed group known as the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), who are based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, BBC reported.  

More bombs have been found in other parts of the city, officials said.

"The bomb threats are still active, especially from suicide attackers," Enanga said. "We believe there are still more members of these domestic terror cells, especially the suicide bomb squad that has been created by the ADF."

A fourth bomber was arrested and an explosive vest was recovered, police said.

Minister of Information, Communications Technology and National Guidance & MP, Kinkizi East Constituency, Kanungu District Dr. Chris Baryomunsi tweeted for Ugandans to not panic but remain vigilant.

“Ugandans should not panic because of the cowardly acts of the terrorists who are throwing bombs in Kampala. Their intention is to cause scare in the population. Our Security and intelligence teams are doing everything to ensure normalcy but let's all keep vigilant,” he wrote on Twitter.

State minister Kabbyanga Godfrey Baluku Kiime also tweeted warning signs for citizens to look out for in order to identify a bomber given the recent attacks.

“You are the first line of security. Let's be more vigilant and aware of our surroundings. Together we can defeat the enemy,” he wrote.

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