Authorities Rescue 2-Year-Old Who Locked Himself In Car: 'It Could Have Been a Dangerous Situation'

He was locked in the car for 45 minutes.

Two Florida parents are thanking police and firefighters after they rescued their 2-year-old when he locked himself in the car.

Ken Rubin said he and his family were out shopping in Orlando on Friday when his son, Apollo, locked himself inside of the family’s vehicle.

“Once we got to the store, my wife got out on her side and was getting Apollo out when somebody parked next to her,” Rubin told

Rubin’s wife shut the door to let the other person in and the toddler clicked the lock button.

Police officers happened to already be in the parking lot and the parents asked for their help to get Apollo out.

Authorities initially tried to use different methods to rescue the toddler so they would not have to break the window, but as time passed, and the toddler began sweating and crying, they knew they had to.

Apollo was in the car alone for 45 minutes, Rubin said.

“We tried to get Apollo to press the unlock button,” Rubin said. “The whole time he was jumping around, smiling, pressing buttons until the point he wasn’t and that’s when we decided to break the window.”

In a video captured of the moment, Apollo can be seen sweating and crying until authorities break the window to get him out.

“When we got him out his body temperature was fine. His skin didn’t feel hot to the touch,” Rubin said. “He did drink a full juice box. While he was never really in any danger, it could have been a dangerous situation.”

Rubin is now warning other parents about how quickly these things can happen.

“Don’t have the doors shut with the key on the inside with that auto lock because if the child is not old enough to unlock it he could be in that situation,” Rubin said. “Maybe the police department or the fire departments aren’t that close and it could be a more serious situation.”

The dad thanked Orlando authorities for helping them.

Apollo did not have any injuries.