Baby Sabrina Mystery: Woman Claims She Is Child Abducted From Crib 20 Years Ago

Steve and Marlene Aisenberg claim in a new "20/20" special that the woman who reached out to them on Facebook may be their missing daughter.

The parents of baby Sabrina Aisenberg, who disappeared from her crib in Florida 20 years ago, say a 20-year-old woman has reached out to them on Facebook, claiming to be the long-lost child.

Steve and Marlene Aisenberg say the woman is about the same age as Sabrina, and has no baby pictures from the time she was 5 to 9 months old and her photos begin after that period. 

A second woman has also come forward to claim she is Sabrina. 

The Aisenbergs spoke to 20/20's Deborah Roberts in a special airing Friday night.

"What gives the Aisenbergs hope is not only have they put their DNA out there, but now, they have been contacted by two women who are also willing to go that far," Roberts told Inside Edition when asked about the possibility that one of the women could be Sabrina. 

Results of the DNA tests are still pending. 

It's a surprising new turn in a case that first made headlines in 1997, when Sabrina was snatched from her crib outside Tampa,. Suspicion quickly fell on her parents, who cops thought "did not appear very upset." They were cleared of any wrongdoing. 

When they made a plea for their baby's return, some called them cold. 

"There are people out there who still look suspiciously at the Aisenbergs but they think now, [the family] may have some vindication because they, through social media now, may have a reason to think that their daughter could be out there," Roberts said. 

Through the years, the Aisenbergs say they've never lost faith that Sabrina was still alive somewhere.

A graphic artist used photos of Sabrina's two older siblings to create an age progression image of what she would look like today, at age 20.

The Aisenbergs have since moved to Maryland, where they still keep a bedroom for Sabrina.

In a message to Sabrina, the couple said they want their daughter in their lives as much as she'd like to be. 

The 20/20 interview with the Aisenbergs airs Friday night on ABC.