Basketball Hoop From Kobe Bryant's Childhood Home to Be Sold for 6 Figures

Kobe Bryant
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The basketball hoop collected from Kobe Bryant's childhood home the American basketball player's childhood home in Pennsylvania will likely be sold in the six-figure range.

The basketball hoop where the late Kobe Bryant made his first dunks will soon be sold at an auction — and the price will be astronomical, according to a report. The hoop, one of several pieces of memorabilia collected from the American basketball player's childhood home, is being offered to bidders at a price that will likely be in the six-figure range, TMZ Sports reported.

Earlier this month, the Pennsylvania home was sold for $810,000, but the price tag didn't include the value of the basketball hoop on which the all-star athlete got his start. The buyer wasn't interested in paying the additional price, so the seller took the backboard and rim from the home and decided to sell it separately.

The seller reportedly gave the hoop to a friend who then passed it along to John Romani, who would handle the auction sale.

The hoop is planned to be entered at Heritage Platinum Night Auction on Feb. 20. There will be additional memorabilia taken from Bryant's childhood home, included in the auction.

Also being sold is a Sports Illustrated magazine given to Bryant by Michael Jordan, Duke basketballs from when he was being recruited to play on the Blue Devils (he went directly to the NBA instead), and a book that the athlete seemingly wrote as a child.

The beloved Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard and his 13-year-old daughter Gigi both died in a helicopter crash outside Los Angeles earlier this year. Seven other people were also killed.