Bearded Bar-Hoppers in Florida's Key West Compete in Ernest Hemingway Lookalike Contest 

Hemingway actually lived in the Key West region in the 1930s. It was there where he wrote some of his best work.

It’s not your average beauty pageant. A bevy of bearded bar-hoppers barreled across a stage in Key West, Florida, hoping to win a particular contest: One determining who most looks like the legendary, Nobel prize-winning writer, Ernest Hemingway. 

Hemingway lived in Key West during the 1930s. He fished, drank and wrote some of his best-known works, including “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and “To Have and Have Not.”

His former home is now a museum dedicated to Papa Hemingway, and the Florida town honors its famous former resident with “Hemingway Days.” 

And how better to honor one of the most influential prose stylists of the 20th century than at Sloppy Joe’s Bar?

After all, Hemingway spent a considerable amount of time at the establishment. Perhaps he would have been flattered by all those imitators. 

The winner of the 2021 Hemingway Look-Alike Contest will be crowned this weekend. 

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