Biological Parents Charged in 17-Year-Old Ashley Combs' Disappearance: Cops | Inside Edition

Biological Parents Charged in 17-Year-Old Ashley Combs' Disappearance: Cops

Ashley Combs, right, was found safe and in the custody of her biological father, Brian Keith Combs, right.

The New Jersey teen was found safe Wednesday.

The 17-year-old New Jersey girl who disappeared last Friday has been found safe. 

Ashley Combs' legal guardians reported her missing after she didn't come home from school. She was found Wednesday in the custody of her  biological father, Brian Keith Combs, 44, according to police.

He now faces felony charges of interfering with the custody of a minor and obstruction, Ocean County Jail inmate records show.

Ashley's biological mother, Mechelle Combs, was charged with obstruction and a third suspect, Linda Roszel,was also charged with interfering and obstruction.

Police believe the three adults had moved Ashley from home to home ever since her disappearance in an attempt to hide her whereabouts.

Ashley's guardians had believed that to be the case all along, and issued an ultimatum Monday to the people who'd taken her. 

"I want to send a very clear message to the person or persons that may have Ashley. She is a minor and you have committed a very serious crime," their lawyer, Jef Henninger, said in a statement Monday

While Ashley is back home, her legal guardians continue to believe she is in danger, Henninger said in a new statement, adding that Ashley's birth parents’ parental rights “were terminated for a reason.”

Brian remains behind bars while the other two suspects, Mechelle and Roszel, were released with summonses.

They have not yet entered a plea and a court date has not yet been determined.