Bizarre Husband-Calling Contest at Iowa State Fair Crowns the State's Best Barker

The winner takes home $5 and a ribbon.

At the Iowa State Fair, you can take home a ribbon for screaming at your husband.

At this year's Husband-Calling Contest, 65-year-old Rose Beauregard put her hands around her mouth, creating a megaphone, and yelled her husband's name, turning it into a very long two syllables. "Cliffffffff-orrrrd!"

Rose said she's been practicing with Clifford, and while out with her camping club, with whom she can really let loose in the great outdoors and scream her head off.

She beat out 10 other competitors, some of them veteran shouters. She's been entering the challenge since 2003, and says her work is now done.

She only wanted to win once. "The older I get, the harder it is to take that deep breath," she told Radio Iowa.