Breastfeeding Mom Wows Sports Illustrated's 'Inclusive' Swimwear Show

Social Media lit up after the mother walked the catwalk while breastfeeding her daughter during Sports Illustrated swimsuit fashion show.

A mother in a sparkling gold bikini has lit up the internet breastfed her 5-month-old daughter on the catwalk at a Sports Illustrated swimsuit fashion show in Florida.

The Miami Beach audience erupted in cheers as mom and model Mara Martin strutted her stuff, along with diaper-clad daughter, Aria (who was sporting a glittery green bikini bottom as well).

On her Instagram page, posters flocked to her Instagram account to praise her act.

"Thank you for normalizing breastfeeding!" one woman wrote. "My son is 6 months old and I feed when he is hungry, if that's a store or park. I don't mind the looks bc I hope I'm helping to make a change."

"Soooo beautiful!" wrote Instagram user butchpyron. "You are an amazing woman!!!"

The finale at the Paraiso's Miami Swim Week featured Martin, plus-sized women, women with stretch marks, tattoos and cellulite and a Paralympian with a prosthetic limb. 

The Sports Illustrated show Sunday was designed to include models of all shapes and sizes, selected by panelists that include SI Swimsuit issue veterans Kate Upton, Christie Brinkley and Olivia Culpo.

The magazine has been marketing itself as more inclusive to women who are not of typical model proportions. In 2015, Ashley Graham was the first plus-sized model to be included in the Swimsuit issue. She was one of three women to chosen for the cover of the 2016 edition of the magazine.

"I can’t believe I am waking up to headlines with me and my daughter in them for doing something I do every day," Martin posted on her Instagram page. "It is truly so humbling and unreal to say the least. I’m so grateful to be able to share this message and hopefully normalize breastfeeding and also show others that women CAN DO IT ALL!"