California Couple Say They Fled Carjacking by Climbing Up Hawaiian Volcano

"He yelled at us to stop, turn the car off, leave all of our belongings in the vehicle," Alex Lucero tells Inside Edition.

California musicians hired to perform in Hawaii climbed up a volcano after they say they were carjacked in Maui.

Alex and Justina Lucero rented a convertible Mustang to explore the popular yet remote Road to Hana tourist attraction on their day off.

The couple was driving after a stop at a beach when a truck approached them from behind on a narrow road. They pulled over to let the truck pass but came upon the same truck again minutes later.

They say the second time, the driver blocked them, jumped out of his truck waving a gun and carjacked them.

"He yelled at us to stop, turn the car off, leave all of our belongings in the vehicle," Alex tells Inside Edition. 

The husband and wife complied and fled on foot.

"Without hesitation we just jumped over the guardrail," Alex says.

"He's counting down. When he gets to one he shoots the gun," Justina says.

As night fell, they say the gunman stalked them as the couple hid in dense growth.

They say the armed man fired his gun and shouted for them to show themselves. They say men from two other vehicles joined him.

"It became a very interesting feeling of being hunted," Justina says.

They said they had nowhere to go but up.

"We're just falling over rocks and boulders and we're having to climb over barbed wire fences. Justina says.

They did not realize they were climbing Maui's Haleakalā volcano.

"We are hiking, running for our lives up this cliff," Alex says.

After 12 hours, the couple found an observation tower and became aware they were on a volcano. They spotted other hikers who came to their aid.

Police say they arrested a man for driving the stolen Mustang. 

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