California Residents Sue Subway Claiming Its Sandwiches and Wraps Do Not Have Real Tuna

Tuna Subway Sandwich
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Two California residents filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California claiming Subway sandwiches and wraps do not use real tuna

Two California residents have filed a lawsuit against Subway sandwiches claiming that the tuna fish is not real but an imitation, according to a report. The lawsuit contends that the complainants, "were tricked into buying food items that wholly lacked the ingredients they reasonably thought they were purchasing," based on its labeling, CBS News cited.
"Consumers are consistently misled into purchasing the products for the commonly known and/or advertised benefits and characteristics of tuna when in fact no such benefits could be had, given that the products are in fact devoid of tuna," the suit claims.
Alex Brown, an attorney representing the two complainants, says the next steps are to determine what ingredients are used in Subway's tuna.
"We are conducting tests to figure out what it is. The lab tests thus far have only told us what it isn't," he said in an email to CBS MoneyWatch.
Subway has fought back against the claims, saying the allegations are untrue. The restaurant chain says it serves 100% "flaked tuna" with creamy mayo, according to its website.
The statement continued, "Given the facts, the lawsuit constitutes a reckless and improper attack on Subway's brand and goodwill, and on the livelihood of its California franchisees. Indeed, there is no basis in law or fact for the plaintiffs' claims, which are frivolous and are being pursued without adequate investigation."
“Unfortunately, this lawsuit is part of a trend in which the named plaintiffs' attorneys have been targeting the food industry in an effort to make a name for themselves in that space."