Cancer Survivors Sue After Losing Eggs in Fertility Clinic Failure: 'I Have Lost All Hopes'

Fertility clinic
University Hospital estimates that 950 families have been impacted by the failure.CBS Newspath

Two recent unrelated incidents have emotions running high for many patients.

Three cancer survivors are suing the Ohio fertility clinic where an equipment mishap recently caused the destruction of more than 4,000 stored embryos.

University Hospital estimates 950 families have been impacted by the failure, according to CBS News.

Among those affected is Sarah Deer, who said she put her own life on the line to harvest her eggs to be stored.

"I risked my life and delayed my chemotherapy treatments because having a family was so important to me," she said.

Deer was joined by two other women with similar stories at an emotional press conference held Monday.

Rachel Mehl also shared hers.

"Because of the carelessness of UH, University Hospital, I have now lost all hopes of ever having biological children," Mehl said.

The lawsuit alleges the Cleveland-area clinic failed to "notify its clients or double check to make sure its local and remote monitoring systems were functional" prior to the incident last month, despite having been "aware of issues with the liquid nitrogen storage tank."

University Hospitals told patients in a letter last week that "the tank in question needed preventative maintenance" before the incident. 

The facility also issued a statement following Monday's press conference. "We watched three women share their stories of the loss they suffered. We are profoundly sorry for their loss and are committed to helping make sure this never happens again anywhere."