Casket-Maker Donates Services to Families Affected by Texas Church Massacre

“God blessed me to bless others,” Trey Ganem of Edna, Texas, told

A Texas casket-maker is offering his services for free to anyone affected by the church massacre in Sutherland Springs.

Trey Ganem, of Trey Ganem Designs in Edna, posted a short video on Facebook asking anyone affected by the shooting at the First Baptist Church to reach out to him so he can provide them with a specially designed casket at no cost.

 So far, Ganem told several affected families have gotten in touch with him to commission a casket.

“We have three so far and we’re waiting on the other ones this afternoon,” he said. “It’s just so chaotic down there and they’re waiting on autopsy stuff, so it’ll be a little bit before they get their loved ones back. [The families] are in shambles, of course.”

He said he was inspired to lend a helping hand the families of the 26 people killed since he and his family related to living in a tight-knit community.

“I live in a small town,” he said. “The town doesn’t have a whole bunch of money — it’s pretty small.”

Ganem, who has been designing caskets for about 4 years, explained an average adult casket goes for about $3,500 but he will be gifting these families his handiwork for free.

“God blessed me to bless others,” he said.