Chanel Catwalk Crasher Jokes She and Gigi Hadid Are Now 'Close Friends'

Marie Benoliel, 28, waltzed onto the stage at Grand Palais.

A French YouTube comedian who crashed the stage during the final strut at the Chanel 2020 Spring fashion show in Paris is saying she’s sorry. 

Marie Benoliel, 28, waltzed onto the stage at Grand Palais and began walking as if she were part of the show and model Gigi Hadid stepped into stop her and escorted her off the runway.

“I want to apologize,” Benoliel told Inside Edition. “Gigi, if you can hear me, I love you. I think you are the most beautiful person in the world.”

Benoliel said she wasn’t invited to the show but she showed up anyhow, dressed in Chanel clothes of her own that she says was passed down from her mother. 

She said she has jumped on stage before a show in the past, recently at Étam, a French lingerie line, and people thought she had staged it, which she said she didn't. So this time, she wanted bigger stakes.

“I wanted to get a tougher show and the Chanel show is the most prestigious and the most important show,” Benoliel said. “I was excited to do it.”

The YouTube star, also known as Marie S’Infiltre, joked that the seemingly hostile encounter with the model actually brought them closer together.

“Now we are really close friends and we love each other,” Benoliel said.