Chicago Cubs Fan Who Appeared to Snatch Ball Meant for Little Boy Not So Bad After All

Online backlash against the adult was swift, but another fan says the situation is not what it seemed.

A little boy was tossed a baseball during a Chicago Cubs game over the weekend, but as he failed to catch it, the man behind him snatched it up, much to the chagrin of news anchors across the country.

While the little boy at Wrigley Field appeared to be dejected, he actually walked out of the stadium that night with two baseballs, and those who eviscerated the man for his actions may have rushed to judgment.

Chuck Mycoff was seated next to the man who grabbed the ball. He said he actually gave the same little boy a ball in the previous inning.

"When I saw the video I can certainly understand how anybody would have come to that conclusion, but it is just not what happened at the game yesterday," he said. "He gave that ball away. He gave another ball away and literally got a third one in the game and gave that one to another kid. So, he did all the right things."

Nevertheless, the Cubs came through with another ball for the little guy, signed by star infielder Javier Baez.

The Cubs went on beat the St. Louis Cardinals Sunday, 7-2.