Climber George King Scales Barcelona Skyscraper Without Safety Gear

This isn’t the first time he pulled such an elaborate stunt. And this one resulted in a climactic ending

George King was at it again. This time, the British free climber decided to scale a hotel in Barcelona, Spain that stands almost 400-feet tall. And he did it all using only his hands and feet.

The 21-year-old is known for pulling off similar stunts, all without ropes or protective gear.

As expected, King’s latest feat drew a curious crowd who watched every step he took. Included, and most likely not amused, were police and firefighters. When King reached the summit, he spread his arms in triumph. The crowd below him cheered in amazement.

The climber told Reuters, when he returned to streel level, that his head was still in the clouds.

And after the antics were over, George King received an exceptional ride — in a police car. George was arrested and will face a fine for his actions.

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