Cop Rescues Piglet Running Around on Highway

Trooper Frederick hangs out with Wilber. (Nebraska State Police)

The piglet was taken to safety and will be up for adoption soon.

A Nebraska police officer rescued a piglet that ended up on a major highway. 

Trooper Anthony Frederick of the Nebraska State Police responded to the call of the piglet running free on I-80 and after a lot of effort was able to catch the little one.

"I didn’t know if I was going out to find a big pig or a little pig. That’s when I saw it walking around the grass median on the interstate," Frederick told "I had to chase it around a little and it was raining that day so it was pretty muddy."

Frederick said the pig squealed for a bit until he finally calmed down once he sat in Frederick's patrol car. 

“He [Frederick] may or may not have had to dive a few times while trying to corral this little ham, but Porky couldn't get away,” the police wrote on their Facebook. “Glad he did, because the cars in that area are traveling at 75 miles per hour.”

Police made light of the situation adding that they don't specifically train for “piglet chasing” so Trooper Frederick "had to draw on all of his other training to make the catch.”

Other departments have since been jokingly asking if the department will be offering “pig-catching training courses” in the future. 

Thankfully the piglet, who has since been named Wilber, had no major injuries. 

Wilber was taken to the Capital Humane Society in Lincoln where he is in the process of getting ready for adoption, police said. 

“If you want to adopt him (the piglet, not Trooper Frederick), give them a shout. And if you can't get this one, they do have other piglets too,” police wrote.