Couple Expected It to Be Sunny and 75 on Wedding Day — They Got a Snowstorm Instead

Sean and Brittany Tuohy managed to smile and share a kiss as the flakes fell.

A freak blizzard turned what was supposed to be a sunny and warm outdoor wedding into a winter disaster.

With wind howling and snow blowing sideways, newlyweds Sean and Brittany Tuohy managed to smile, share a kiss and even have fun with their wedding party while posing for photos outside in Spokane, Washington, over the weekend.

The bridesmaids were dressed in summer attire and the couple, who grew up in the Pacific Northwest and now live in Arizona, was shocked there was snow this early in the season. 

“It kind of felt a little bit like a nightmare,” she told Inside Edition as they were on their honeymoon in Germany. “I wasn’t expecting it to be snowing. It was pretty crazy.” 

Up until last Saturday, it had never snowed on that date in Spokane. The powerful winter system also broke century long records in the state, dumping 40 inches of snow in some areas.

The couple was forced to move their wedding indoors, but it was her photographer who suggested they brave the bizarre weather to create the spectacular winter wonderland theme.

The newlyweds said they wouldn’t have changed a thing about the day.