Couple Sues Former Owner of 'American Horror Story' House After They Are Inundated by Fans

Dr. Ernst von Schwarz and Angela Oakenfold claim their home has been broken into several times by overzealous fans of the popular TV series.

A Los Angeles couple who purchased the American Horror Story house are suing over the deluge of fans who constantly flock to the mansion, including some who have broken into their house, they said.

The Rosenheim Mansion was depicted in the television show's first season, but current residents Dr. Ernst von Schwarz and Angela Oakenfold say they are living a real-life nightmare.

"We have had several break-ins. We have had on three or four occasions, just in the last year, where we had to call police," Oakenfold told CBS News.

The couple erected a chain-link fence around the property, but dedicated fans of the FX series merely climb over it, they said. A group of teen girls once convinced a garbage truck driver to lift them on his vehicle's basket to get a bird's eye view of the property.

"I'm in the bathroom and I look out the window and there are teenage girls screaming at me," Oakenfold said.

The couple was aware that the house had been used in several films and TV series, but had no idea American Horror Story fans showed up nearly every day. 

"We feel like they cheated us," Oakenfold said. "We want to live here of course. But it is very difficult because we don't feel safe."

They have now filed a lawsuit against the house's former owner and the real estate brokerage.

"It is very disappointing when any client in a real estate transaction is unhappy," Stephen Apelian of Coldwell Banker Global Luxury said in a statement to CBS. "I have no doubt that the truthful facts of this case will resolve this matter in our favor."