Dan Gasby, Husband of B. Smith, Says He's Gotten Death Threats After Revealing Girlfriend

Dan Gasby has been dating his girlfriend since late last year.
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B. Smith, 69, is battling Alzheimer’s disease, and husband Dan Gasby reveled in an interview that his girlfriend, Alex Lerner, 53, has a room in the married couple’s home.

Dan Gasby, the husband of lifestyle guru B. Smith, said he’s received death threats in the aftermath of revealing his new girlfriend, who at times stays in their home.

B. Smith, 69, is battling Alzheimer’s disease. In a recent interview with The Washington Post, Gasby said his girlfriend, 53-year-old Alex Lerner, has a room in the married couple’s home and stays there when she visits. 

“If ‘This Is Us’ and ‘Modern Family’ came together, it would be us,” Gasby told the Post.

People on social media criticized Gasby, 64, after the interview, calling the situation “disrespectful” and “heartbreaking."

Others criticized the fact that Gasby allowed his wife to be quoted in the paper.

“The strongest take I have on the story is about a side issue: If your spouse or mother is not in a position to speak coherently, it's really unkind and disrespectful to put them in a position to be quoted in the Washington Post,” one Twitter user wrote.

Gasby is set to appear on the “Dr. Oz” show on Tuesday to defend himself. In a preview of the upcoming episode, Gasby revealed that "we’ve had people just do all kind of crazy things. They’ve never been to our restaurants. We don’t know them. They make all kind of racial innuendos.”

He adds that those closest to him are supportive of his relationship.

“All the ones that know B. are extremely supportive, extremely supportive, have no problems with it,” Gasby said. “… Because she’s a celebrity, a personality, quote, unquote, they weigh in, and what they do is they attach what they feel B. would. They attach their feelings as ‘Well, B. doesn’t know. She wouldn’t want this.’ Well, if B. knew, I wouldn’t be with Alex because she wouldn’t have Alzheimer’s.”

Gasby has been married to Smith for 26 years, and she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2014. Gasby takes care of his wife in their East Hampton home full-time.